More trees please 

So you all know we’re passionate about trees here, and it turns out lots of other people are too! Over 300 of them actually – all of them signing up for our Plant One on Us campaign to receive a free tree to plant at home. Over the last few months we asked people if they’d like a free tree (or trees if they had more space) to plant at home and just over 300 people said they would. We gave everyone the choice of Rowan, Cherry, Birch, Hazel, Oak, Hornbeam, Crab Apple and Field Maple – giving them some guidance as to which species would suit the space they had available (nobody wants an oak tree in a tiny garden). This week, we’ve been giving out the trees that were ordered, and it’s wonderful to see so many people happy to receive their free tree. 

Tree guards in bags on a table

What it's all about 

Growing the Forest of Marston Vale isn’t just about creating woodlands. It’s about getting more trees planted throughout the Forest area (the 61 square miles nestled between Bedford and Milton Keynes) and we’re aiming for another 5 million trees - nothing an ambitious target to motivate you...

But every single tree planted makes a difference - it not only helps us towards that target of 5 million but it benefits everyone who lives in the Forest area, works here or just comes for a visit. Let's face it - trees make life better.

As a Charity, we wouldn’t have been able to run Plant One On Us and offer free trees without the financial support of local IT company, Blue Chip. Blue Chip provide resilient, secure and cost effective hosting and Co/Lo services for many businesses locally and worldwide. Early in 2010, Blue Chip commissioned a state of the art data centre in Bedford, and calculated that 2000 mature trees would lock up the carbon in each server rack in the centre (they have 384!). So they partnered with us to help plant trees – they’ve planted 88,000 so far and are our partners for Plant One on Us.

If you missed out

We’re hoping to be able to run Plant One On Us again next year and give away lots more trees early in 2020, so if you’re interested in receiving a free tree let us know be signing up below.

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