Thinning works have now been completed at Shocott Spring our Community Woodland between Shortstown and Cotton End. A huge thanks to our visitors and local residents for their understanding during the last few weeks, and being respectful of the contractors working on site.
The process – including the collection of the timber – has taken a little longer than we’d hoped because of availability within the logistics chain. However we're hopeful that the stacked timber will be collected and the site clear of all works soon so that full access will be restored, although worth remembering that there is still no parking allowed whatsoever at site.
Thinning is an important part of site management, and allows more light and space for the slower growing trees to flourish in the future, building a stronger and healthier woodland. The increased light also encourages ground flora to establish and grow, increasing the woodlands value for wildlife and biodiversity.
For more information about the work we’ve done recently at Shocott you can check out our recent news post 'Woodland thinning works at Shocott Spring' for full details.

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We maintain our Community Woodlands throughout the year, including thinning them as part of ongoing woodland management. Contrary to popular belief, they can’t just look after themselves – over hundreds of years the plants and wildlife of woodlands have become accustomed to being managed so without it they wouldn’t thrive. Help us grow a strong, resilient Forest for generations to come.

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