On 5th November our team will be joined by Cate Gosling - our new Communications Officer. Cate will be looking after all of our communications, including our website, social media, press contacts etc and we can't wait for her to come on board. Here's a little introduction from Cate...

"I moved to Bedford with my husband Tom at the start of the year so that I could be closer to family who live in the area. I’ve visited Bedford so many times over the years – including visits to the Forest Centre and Millennium Country Park - that it already felt a bit like coming home. One of the things I like best about Bedford is the communities within our town, so in my spare time I can usually be found nursing a pot of tea and piece of cake at the local café, or bargain hunting in one of the charity shops in our village.

I first got interested in conservation around 10 years ago when I started work at the Wildlife Trust in my native Staffordshire, and although I’m by no means an environmental expert I’ve tried to keep up with efforts and champion the importance of green, natural spaces ever since. After a few years trying out the private sector I knew that I wanted to get back into charities and work towards a cause that I am really passionate about, so when I saw this opportunity pop up I leapt at the chance to get involved! I was especially keen having visited the Centre myself, and knowing about the brilliant work done by the charity to enrich and improve the local area and add value to the community.

I’m so delighted to be joining the Forest of Marston Vale team and looking forward to getting started, including meeting as many visitors and supporters as (safely as) possible over the coming weeks and months!"