This amazing footage was taken this summer by local wildlife photographer and film maker Brian Bevan. He made 18 visits in a 3 week period from mid-July onwards, and shot over 4 hours of footage with his Panasonic GH5 to put together these stunning clips. Some of the footage was shot remotely using an app on his ipad to get the wider angle shots, but the majority was filmed from a hide (all under license from Natural England). We aren’t going to disclose exactly where the nest is at the Grange Estate, to protect the birds, but he’s been observing it for an incredible 8 years.  

“I do professional wildlife film making so it’s part of what I do,” Says Brian. “The kingfisher is one of the iconic birds that we’ve got in this country – it’s an obvious one that I want to take and people want to see.”

Brian has been photographing wildlife professionally for 50 years, and moved over to film in the past 5 years as the nature of wildlife imagery has changed so much with recent leaps in technology.

We hope we’ll see lots more of Brian’s footage in future – if you (or someone you know) has any great shots or footage of wildlife in the Forest, let us know as we’d love to feature it on our website!

Obviously there is a lot of wildlife activity happening across the Forest all year round - check out our wildlife and plant life page for a broad outline of what you might see as we go into winter, or book onto one of our guided nature walks at the Millennium Country Park if you're after something more in depth!