Rectory Wood, part of the Forest of Marston Vale, was created for the local community in Cranfield.
Access to this woodland is on foot, by bicycle and on horseback. Formal car parking facilities were
deliberately not included in the original woodland design to avoid attracting large numbers of
people and their vehicles from outside the area.

Rectory Lane is a private road and vehicle access is exclusively for the private residents of the
properties it serves. Unfortunately, in recent years the number of people parking at the bottom of
the Lane, in front of the houses/gateways has increased – despite signage. This affects residents,
damages verges and can block our Ranger team from getting onto the site – it’s also making the Lane
much less safe for people visiting on foot, bike or horse.

We need to stop unauthorised vehicles using Rectory Lane, and we’re asking for your help. We
recognize that the current signage may not be clear enough, so we’re installing clearer signs and
white-lining the top of Rectory Lane shortly, to highlight that it’s a private road and to stop
unauthorised access. If things don’t improve, then we may need to look at gating the road.
We are delighted that so many people enjoy visiting Rectory Wood – it’s an amazing young
woodland bringing benefits to local residents and wildlife. When visiting, please walk, cycle or ride
there and don’t drive down or park on Rectory Lane.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and we'll be happy to help you.