Keepin' it green

Every year we grab a lot of shovels, volunteers and gloves and head over to one of our woodland sites to plant a load of trees towards our target. So far we’ve planted over 400,000 trees this way (the rest of our 1.5 million was working with landowners) – a lot of the time we honestly don’t know where our next bit of land will come from, or if we’ll get any at all. This year, we’re finishing up planting at Waypost Wood in Cranfield, but next year – who knows!

We’ve had a mixture of great luck and great skill at dealing with developers over the years, to acquire the 10 other sites we’ve planted at (other than the Millennium Country Park) and hopefully this won’t stop – there’s lots of development on the horizon in the Forest of Marston Vale area, and we are here to make sure that everything that gets built comes with an appropriate amount of trees.

Your chance to be involved

If you haven’t planted a tree before you should use our Public Tree Planting on Sunday 4th Feb as your excuse to. It’s not hard – even if the weather is particularly hideous – and every tree you plant could potentially be living for hundreds (or thousands) of years. Not every community gets a chance to be directly involved in the creation of their own woodlands – be a part of the creation of your local community woodland. Love your Forest!

For more information about this event, or other tree planting opportunities, call Jo on 01234 762608 or send her an email.

We rely heavily on our team of Forest Volunteers for events like this, so if you’re interested in helping out on a more regular basis then let us know. There’s lots of different things that we need help with – from firewood processing to site management to fundraising and admin – and any amount of time that you can spare would be really helpful.