Christmas Trees for sale

This isn’t a giant sales plug for our Christmas Trees (only £36.99, available from the Forest Centre now…) it’s also a casual reminder that you should probably be buying yours, if you haven’t already. They’ll be on sale at the Forest Centre all weekend for our Christmas Tree Festival (11am – 3pm) while stocks last.

But why are Christmas Trees even a thing?

It all stems back to winter festivals, like the solstice – there’s no concrete evidence, but it’s assumed that about 1000 years ago, Europeans started using evergreen fir trees hung upside down(!) in their houses. Branches were also used inside to remind people that spring was coming and cherry and hawthorn plants were brought inside to (hopefully) flower. By the time it gets dark at 4pm, I think we can all do with a little reminder that it won’t be dark and depressing forever!

For those who couldn’t afford actual plants, decorated wooden pyramids were used and taken with their ‘owner’ from house to house rather than staying in a corner (sounds like a lot of effort to me…) The first recorded Christmas tree went up in a town square the Baltics at some point in the 15th or 16th century but it may have actually been less of a ‘Christmas Tree’ more of a ‘totem-pole-that-was-set- on-fire’.

Either way, by the 1700s trees were being decorated with edibles and shiny things, as they are today and by the 1840s Prince Albert had made them officially cool, so they were popping up all over the UK and USA – the rest is history.

So when you’re slaving away, untangling lights and dusting off baubles this year, just remember – you could be carrying around a wooden tree everywhere you go, or setting fire to a giant stick instead!

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For more information about our Christmas Trees, call 01234 767037 or email us. The best place to pick one up is at our Christmas Tree Festival (Sat 2nd/ Sun 3rd Dec 11am - 3pm) as stocks are limited. The trees we buy are Norway Spruce, and our supplier is Jakins Trees in Pulloxhill.