Funding for Firewood

Thanks to help from the BRCC, we've been awarded £22,917.44 of European funding in the form of a LEADER grant (towards a total project cost of £57,293.60) which is going to deliver a new barn this summer, and has recently provided a compact forestry trailer (pictured above) and a road-legal, towable firewood processor (pictured below). Having the ability to process firewood on sites will hugely improve our efficiency, as there'll be way less handling involved. The best part is, not only can we use this new kit ourselves but we can also hire out the processor to local woodland owners and firewood processing businesses to help them expand. 

It's one of our goals to grow the local woodland economy, and this new equipment and barn space will help us not only to produce more firewood from our own sites/sites that we manage, but it will encourage local woodland owners to bring their woodlands into active management as there's the financial incentive of woodland sales and the ease of being able to process in situ. 

We are all about a circular, woodland economy - growing trees, cutting some down for timber and firewood, and planting more - so we want to say a huge thanks to Leader and BRCC for helping us to continue to get things moving in the right direction in the Forest!

Our Japa mobile firewood processor in the Barn

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You can read more about our firewood business here, or if you have any questions, send us an email or call 01234 762603.