I met 10-year-old Sam from Ampthill, who had done something amazing...!

By Robina Ballard-Davis ǀ Fundraising Officer, Forest of Marston Vale

On the morning of Saturday 4th December, I met a truly inspirational young man - Sam Norris.

Sam, aged 10 from Ampthill, has just run his first ever 10k race, and raised an amazing £205 for the Forest of Marston Vale by doing so!

Sam's parents have been running for around 5 years and Sam wanted to join them, so he started out with a 5k and asked people to sponsor him to raise money for a homelessness charity.

However, 5k wasn't enough - Sam wanted to run further and raise more money! So one day while sitting in the Forest Centre Café, Sam was inspired by our message boards: trees make life better for people, for wildlife and for the planet . He decided then and there that he was going to run 10k and raise money to help us plant more trees!

I asked Sam why he chose to run for charity and support us, and this was his heart-warming response:

"It's a win win situation - the charity gets money and I get to achieve a personal best. Maybe in the future I'd like to work for an environmental charity, because humans need to stop climate change". 

It was an absolute pleasure to present Sam with his Tree Champion certificate in recognition and appreciation for his fundraising achievement - many thanks also to Dad, Rob for bringing him along to the Forest Centre to meet me.

Keep running Sam, and keep raising money for charity - I'll keep the Fundraising Officer chair warm for you until you're ready to take over!

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