Banner image: Cuckoo, Don Morris

Forest of Marston Vale Volunteer Rolf has been keeping busy over the last few months - as well as being one of our volunteer guided walk leaders he's been out in his local Community Woodland at Folly Wood, visiting and surveying birds.

By visiting and recording species a month apart he's been able to compile the following, based on the location of sightings and frequency of singing males.

List of bird species (and possible breeding pairs) in or near Folly Wood:
May sample June sample
Chiffchaff 10 9
Willow warbler 6 4
Whitethroat 7 12
Lesser whitethroat 1 1
Blackcap 6 8
Garden warbler 5 1
Pheasant 1 1
Green woodpecker - 1
Wood pigeon 6 5
Turtle dove 1 1
Stock dove 1 -
Sparrowhawk 1 -
Cuckoo 2 1
Robin 3 2
Blackbird 6 5
Song thrush 2 2
Swallow 1 -
Wren 4 4
Dunnock 2 1
Chaffinch - 1
Greenfinch 2 2
Goldfinch - 2
Bullfinch 1 -
Linnet 7 4
Long-tailed tit - 4
Blue tit 3 2 + family
Great tit 2 1
Starling 14 -
Jackdaw - 2
Carrion crow - 1

Rolf explains: "I have included all birds seen, but some would not have bred in Folly Wood, eg. swallow, starling, jackdaw. Buzzards and red kites are commonly seen, but at 6.00am when I survey they are not flying about."

He also goes on to say that one turtle dove has also been spotted in recent weeks, and a pair of cuckoos have been seen more than once, with a male calling constantly!

As Rolf himself put it "It is growing into a special place - it’s surprising how many species are found in a small area!".

We're in agreement - great work, Rolf!

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