Banner image: Part of the Millennium Country Park, Martin Rogers

Over the years there have been increasing issues with erosion on the north-east bank of Stewartby Lake. Consequently, parts of the public footpath are being undermined on the section of path between Stewartby Watersports Club, and the sluice gate off Green Lane. As the path is a public footpath, Central Bedfordshire Council are leading on and funding the necessary repair and bank stabilisation work.

Following a consultation with specialist contractors an appropriate solution has been chosen to target the worst affected sections of bank. This essential work will commence on 26th September 2022. It is likely to take around 8 weeks and the path will need to be closed for safety reasons for the duration of the work. Unfortunately, there is no alternative route, so a complete circular walk around Stewartby Lake will not be possible. Access to the Stewartby Lake perimeter path from the Watersports Club will be possible in a clockwise direction. Parkrun will continue as usual but will adopt an alternative course.

We understand that this will cause significant disruption to our visitors and we apologise for the inconvenience. However, the repairs are essential to ensure long term stability of the public footpath.

Image: Map showing the area affected by the works

For further information please contact:

Chris Nicol, Contract Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council [email protected]


Anna Charles, Head Ranger, Forest of Marston Vale [email protected]