As an independent charity established to spearhead the creation of the Forest of Marston Vale, the Forest of Marston Vale Trust (Reg. Charity No. 1069229) works to implement the politically and publicly endorsed Forest Plan. That Forest Plan provides the strategic framework and long-term vision for creating the Forest, setting out a range of aims, objectives and broad principles to be implemented. The Forest Plan states that:

“Land use decisions will clearly be important for the future of the Forest and such decisions will be taken by the planning authorities, in the context of the planning framework set out in the statutory development plans. No proposals in the Forest Plan can override the policies contained in these statutory plans. However the Forest Plan should be:
- a material consideration used to inform the preparation of statutory development plans;
- a material consideration in determining planning applications for development within the Forest boundary;…”

and further states that:

“The Forest Team will seek to secure meaningful on and off-site landscape gains from development schemes in the Community Forest. These should be appropriate to the scale and location of the development. This will be done by establishing good working relationships with planning officers and, where appropriate, developers and ensuring that Community Forest aims and objectives are fully understood.” 

The Forest Plan also clearly notes that:

“Development pressures will continue to cause controversy and impact upon communities within the Vale. An aim of the Forest Team will be to encourage landowners, developers and planning authorities to deliver Community Forest objectives and incorporate the principles of sustainability when considering further development.”

In accordance with these statements in the Forest Plan, the Forest of Marston Vale Trust has a long-standing policy regarding development within the Forest area:

“While the Trust will support development that directly meets the objectives of the Forest, the Trust is neutral on individual planning applications that do not directly conflict with the aims of the Forest of Marston Vale.  Where development is planned the Trust will work with developers and planners to secure a contribution to the Forest that is consistent with the Forest Plan and with the impact of the proposed development on the Vale”.

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