In 2010 a little seed of an idea for collaboration between Blue Chip and the Forest of Marston Vale was planted. The idea grew into a solid relationship which has seen over 96,000 trees planted and 12 new woodlands created. Blue Chip is an IT company, specialising in IBM mid-range systems and providing a wide range of specialist services.

Early in 2010, Blue Chip commissioned a state of the art data centre in Bedford, using a revolutionary method of server temperature regulation which made the data centre a world leader in energy efficiency. Blue Chip calculated that 2,000 mature trees would lock up the carbon resulting from the operation of each server rack and committed to planting sufficient trees in the Forest of Marston Vale to cover each of the 384 racks commissioned within the new data centre.

They’ve played a key role in the over 2 million trees which we’ve planted so far, and are our partner in the Plant One on Us campaign, which has enabled us to give away free trees to people living within the Forest of Marston Vale.