Striking for a better future

Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have heard of Greta Thunberg - the amazing 16 year old who sparked off a global climate strike movement last year that has now progressed from school strikes to a global movement, leading up to the UN summit next weekend. 

Millions of people in 162 countries around the world are striking this week - primarily today - to get governments to stop the use of fossil fuels and take the urgent action that is needed against the climate crisis. 

Politically, the environment has hugely slipped off the radar for many in the west (which is sadly understandable at a time when the news is completely dominated by Brexit and President Trump) but it's more important than ever. Just look at the videos of the hundred thousand strong crowds in Australia - this is an issue that people genuinely are worried about and want to fix. Not just young people - people of all ages are already being affected by the impact of climate crisis and it will only get worse without more action. 

We aren't on strike today - obviously - as we're an environmental charity, so the Forest Centre & Millennium Country Park is business as usual but we applaud people who are getting involved in productive ways. If you're taking the day off - be a part of something, don't just use it as an excuse to have a day off. Go to a march, spread the word to people who don't realise how critical the situation is or get involved with one of our projects:

Get involved

Dedicate a Tree

Plant One On Us

Wear it Green

If you want to know a bit more about how we came about and what we've done for the environment so far, check out Our Story and Our Impact to find out more.