Local author of ‘The Almanac of British Ghosts’ Ruth-Roper Wylde, returns to discuss her research into local ghost stories from her book ‘The Ghosts of Marston Vale’.

'Ruth is a partially retired Civil Servant, living in Bedfordshire, UK with her husband and two dogs. She has a lifelong fascination with the supernatural and unexplained, and researched endless hours on the subject with the idea of eventually writing a book. Her fascination stems from the strange things she has occasionally experienced in life, coupled with a healthy dose of scepticism and desire for scientific explanation instilled by her ever pragmatic mother: who when presented with an inexplicably flying knife in the kitchen, calmly took out a tape measure and measured the length of its flight path.Two years ago, when the opportunity to take partial early retirement presented itself, she decided to put that idea into reality, and has since published two books as an independent author: “The Ghosts of Marston Vale” and “The Almanac of British Ghosts”. Her main area of interest in her writing lies in finding existing stories of the inexplicable – and then researching to see whether there is any evidence that it is still happening. She is currently researching and writing for her third book “The Roadmap of British Ghosts” so feel free to share your experiences…'

You can buy 'The Ghosts of Marston Vale' at Amazon.

Talks are approx. 1 hour long, with time for questions. 

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