Mother knows best

Pippa and Cheryl have been working together as garden designers for many years and have combined their interior design background with their love of the great outdoors to create some wondrous gardens across the local area. They're here with lots of hints, tips and stories about how to keep it natural in your garden, whilst creating a haven for wildlife. Find out more about them at their website

'As Garden Designers who are out on the land every day -we are noticing a change in people's attitudes towards nature - and their lack of connection with it.  The so called 'short cuts' and 'quick fixes' promised by promotors of certain products are not only damaging to the environment and wildlife but they also do not work. At the top of many of our customer's wishlist is :  A Low maintenance garden.  The more we work with nature the more we understand what the garden 'naturally' wants to do, the more 'low maintenance' it becomes. Gardening is one of the least green industries, we believe it is time to re-think how we all garden, and hope to inspire and inform with this talk. The talk will consist of anecdotal funnies and peculiar everyday events in our outdoor office along with serious message.'

Talks are approx. 1 hour long, with time for questions. 

As there is a cost involved in putting on the Learning Lunchtime talks, donations to the Forest of Marston Vale are much appreciated. Parking charges also apply. Friends of the Forest get free parking all year round* at the Forest Centre - click here for more information

For more information, email us or call 01234 767037