Appreciative muntjac

This deer was happily enjoying the sprinkled bird seed in the Wetlands area at the forest centre. We enjoyed watching it from behind the screen for about 10 minutes Read more


Haven’t left Ampthill during lockdown and just walk from my house to do a circuit of Coopers Hill for my exercise but I saw this giant fungus within a few yards of starting out. Read more

Future friends

Lots of spiderlings hatching in the garden last week! Read more

Baby Sitting

Duck nesting in our back garden Read more

Osprey Spotted

I recently spotted this Osprey over the Marston Vale. First time I’ve seen one not in Scotland. Read more

Lockdown Nature Around Marston Moretaine

These are some of the highlights of Wildlife I have seen and Photographed either at the Forest of Marston Vale or within the Village of Marston Moretaine itself during lockdown. Read more