We have quite a few sites in the Forest of Marston Vale...

All of which we monitor as best we can, but we only have a small team and woodlands regularly experience all sorts of problems, from fly-tipping, to broken furniture, to vandalism, to fallen branches...the list goes on.

We are currently recruiting volunteer Wood Wardens - local people, who use their community woodland regularly, whether it's to walk their dog, or to get some fresh air. These people know the sites well anyway, and are visiting them all the time, so they will be the ideal eyes on the ground to let us know if something is wrong, or needs sorting out. 

Each Wood Warden kit costs £100

These Wood Wardens will need some basic kit to get started:

Litter picker and bags 
Waterproof Jacket

We are aiming for 10 new Wood Wardens

Helping us to kit-out our Wood Wardens frees up our limited resources to get back to our main focus - planting another 5 million trees in the Forest area. As we are a Community Forest, the sites are there for local people to use, enjoy and - hopefully - take care of. Love your Forest!

If you have any questions about becoming a Wood Warden, click here to read more about being a volunteer or contact Jo on 01234 762608, or send her an email.