How far can you run in a month?

You can run on the spot, on your treadmill, around your garden or on your daily exercise - you can do it all in one go, or a short distance each day - we don't mind! But we want you to run for the trees and see how far you can 'go' in one month. You can set your own target (whether it's 2 miles or 200) or just keep going and see how far you get! And if you're not keen on running, then you can still join in and see how far you can walk in a month!


We all need a bit of motivation right now - not just to stay fit but to challenge ourselves, whether we're competing against friends or family, or just looking for a bit of a diversion.  

We're also doing this to raise some money - obviously, as a charity, this has been a really difficult time for us, with the loss of our main income generator (as the Forest Centre is closed). So we're asking for a small donation (£5 adults/£3 under 18s) if you want to take part - but if you want to go the extra mile (pardon the pun) then you can easily set up a sponsorship page and get your friends and family to support you!

How we measure it

We'll base it on screenshots from whatever running app you use (Strava/Fitbit/ Apple Health etc) and we'll have a leader board which we will update weekly. Just send us a screenshot every week and we can see how everyone is doing and hopefully bring out people's competitive streak!

Who can take part

It's open to all ages - from toddlers and up! If we've learned anything recently it's that anyone, of any age, is capable of amazing things. Everyone receives a certificate for taking part and the top 3 runners will be sent a medal.

Stay safe

Obviously don't push yourself, and only do what you can - this is meant to be for fun, not for marathon training! The main thing is that if you are running outside, please maintain social distancing at all times. 

For more information, send us an email.